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In Memory of Abie Abraham

July 31, 1913 -  March 22, 2012


oh god where are youOH GOD WHERE ARE YOU?

Written by Abie Abraham

Read the real truth about World War II    


     $22.95 ea (Paper back)
(Includes Shipping
in the Continental US)


his book (Oh God where are you) is  filled with  599 pages of captivating information   from the words of Abie Abraham, Sgt. Major US Army retired.  
Guaranteed to keep you interested.                                                                                                                        

Read the truth and feel the horror that Abraham personally witnessed and experienced.

The saying , "war is hell", becomes an understatement in Abie Abraham's book (Oh, God, Where are you?) Abie Abraham provides a memorial for the heroes of World War II in the Philippines who fought and died in the war.

Who could provide a more definitive testimony than a man who understood the Filipinos, fought the battle of Bataan, and endured the physical and mental anguish of war?   Known as the "
Ghost of Bataan",  Abraham remained to disinter the men's graves, some of which were deep in the jungles and mountains where only the negritos (pygmies) had dared to tread.

Abie lived to tell the story and quote many who perished in the camps under brutal Japanese control.  The accounts of death are balanced by poetic descriptions of the way they struggled to stay alive. In an ungodly war, the faith of many persevered to return them to God's country, while the ghosts remained.




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