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In Memory of Abie Abraham

July 31, 1913 -  March 22, 2012

SGT. Major Abie Abraham, U.S Army Ret.


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Bataan became a U.S rallying cry, but the Army's reward for its hopeless, heroic defense of this corner of Luzon was bitterness and torture.  Major General Edward King's  78,000 troops were down to one-third rations when the enemy began a push on April 3, 1942.

Although Major General Jonathan Wainwright (who succeeded MacArthur forbade it, King surrendered his starving remnants on April 9. Then began the Death march out of Bataan. 

The Japanese brought down big guns to shell corregidor, began their landings surrendered Corregidor's 10,000.

Troops in the Southern Philippines refused his orders to quit.

Nonetheless on June 9, having lost only 4.100 killed in half a year's fighting, the Japanese could announce that organized resistance had ended.

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